Classical dance can be only learnt to begin a journey within. Like any other discipline, it requires your time, commitment and nurturing. Please click here if you wish to pursue a dedicated journey in mohiniyattam | bharatanatyam

Class Format


Arangetram is the solo debut of a dancer, after being intiated through the chelanga pooja, if the artist is qualified to peform a minimum of 8 compositions by themselves, they will be encouraged to present their arangetram.


Adults will primarily have one on one sessions with the rare opportunity of a group or duet class to enhance and learn steps through a different perspective


Will primarily have group classes and those who are independent gifted learners may be requested to attend the individual classes as well.


Sessions have flexible timings and are not charged monthly. Classes are charged on a per class basis. Those whose time and schedule imposes them to not attend dance classes regularly will be requested to take leave and come back only when dance becomes a stronger aspect of their lives.

Show opportunities

As much as the philosophy is to heal. The aim is also to externalize and propogate. We see dance as something that heals the outer world as well, sometimes it is educating and sometimes it is entertaining.
Students will be given opportunities to perform on a regular basis once they are qualified to perform so.

Chelanga Puja

Chelanga puja is an annual showcase of those students who can perform a composition completely by themselves. It also introduces them to the art of being a holistic artist responsible for the event. The learn, here, other aspects of being a dancer.

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