Classical dance can be only learnt to begin a journey within. Like any other discipline, it requires your time, commitment and nurturing. Please click here if you wish to pursue a dedicated journey in mohiniyattam | bharatanatyam


Dance is ....

An expression, communication and releases us from the clutches of our own minds. It breaks our own limitations. Dance is our wings Classical grounds us, it explores our closest past, history and mythologhy. the grace ad elegance of the classical surpasses the physical. Classical is a learning of various subjects.It is beyond dance. classical is our root At Taamara, we believe Indian classical art form as an individual’s roots and wings. It liberates the soul and yet, keeps the mind grounded.

Mostly, we believe classical dance is an internal journey for the one who practices it. It is yogic in nature. Hence our modules are formatted on this philosophy. Taamara currently offers modules in Bharatanatyam and mohiniyattam.

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